Electronic Waste Disposal Melbourne

Electrical waste disposal and recycling Melbourne

Are you tired of your old electrical items taking up too much space and storage in your home and are unsure of how to dispose of them properly?

It is understandable that businesses are required to align themselves with emerging trends and technologies, in order to deal with competitors in their fields. However, in these efforts, neglect towards the environment and performing sustainable practices can be seen. 

Electronic recycling or waste disposal in Melbourne, often known as e-waste recycling, refers to the sustainable disposal of anything with a plug, battery, or cord that you no longer require. E-waste, unlike forms of rubbish, is typically not acceptable for disposal in your ordinary rubbish bin. Majority of electronic devices demonstrate a risk of containing harmful chemicals. Despite this disclaimer however, some devices are still dumped in landfills.

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What is E-waste?

Electronic waste is a collection of different electronic devices that are dumped. This comprises




Mobile phones


How does E-waste recycling work?

The procedure depends on the precise object that has to be recycled. When it comes to technological equipment, they always have useful, recyclable components. Furthermore, did you know that more than 90% of the materials used to make technical devices like computers and smartphones are readily recyclable or reusable? They usually contain reusable elements such as lead, copper, gold, and silver.

After collecting your gadgets for recycling, we’ll take them to our facility for processing and separating electronic waste. The effectiveness of recycling e-waste depends on proper separation. E-waste is often shredded with metals, separating precious metals and other components.

Steel and iron are often separated using magnets and then produced as recycled steel, copper, circuit boards, and aluminium.

Why is it important to Recycle e-waste?

You might be unsure about the importance of recycling your old mobile devices or PCs with us. Millions of Australians are replacing older models with considerably more smart gadgets each year as technology plays an increasingly important role in every aspect of our lives.

The materials used to make them, such as zinc, copper, nickel, and tin, are squandered when these are forcibly thrown out and transported to landfills. The necessity of choosing the best electronic trash service for electronic equipment is increased by the fact that the materials on the list are considered non-renewable.

By using our E-waste services, you can make sure that these priceless resources are used for as long as necessary and that you are responsibly getting rid of your old gadgets to safeguard our precious environment from the hazardous compounds they may contain.

Benefits of E-waste recycling in Melbourne

Benefits of recycling e-waste in addition to protecting the environment include:

  • Reduced landfill sites, which will free up more land for beneficial uses like agriculture and housing.
  • Minimises carbon footprint while protecting the planet’s limited resources.
  • Encourages conscious consumption.
  • Protects the ecosystem from being damaged by toxic chemicals. Nickel, cadmium, lithium, mercury, and lead are just a few of the hazardous chemicals in electronic components that harm human health and the environment.
Why choose Cash Car Today?

Cash Car Today is one of the leading electronic trash removal and recycling service in Australia with over 15 years of experience in scrap and old car removal in Melbourne. We are committed to keeping as much electronic waste out of landfill as possible.

Metals like mercury and lead, which are present in computers and other e-waste, have been dumped in landfills for far too long, allowing the poisons to seep into the soil and rivers. Simply said, this system cannot go on.

Our service are dependable, swift, and professional. We will pick up your e-waste from your door and transport it to the proper recycling facilities, where it will be recycled for future use. We also pay you a fair amount for your e-waste making it a good option for your e-waste disposal.

Our team has the experience and expertise in handling all kinds of e-waste disposal in Melbourne. We can guarantee that you will never be displeased with our services and that you will receive an amount for your e-waste that may exceed your expectations.

Whether you are looking for E-waste recyclers or car parts wreckers, we are the right choice for you. Call 0431 818 181 or 0411 830 956 for general queries on how you can dispose of your e-waste in a cost-effective, quick and sustainable manner.

Alternatively, you may send us an email at sayedhaidari72@yahoo.com.